Hi guysssss!!!
well I'm here to tell you about one of my school event which is a kind of culture festival well known as "Gathapraya".  
first I want to tell you about the concept of this occasion. Gathapraya itself means ' Hope for a better future'. As you known before, time machine is the theme of this festival. It means we, SMAN 3, invited people to live in the future with culture as their foundation. 
As one of the committee, I also felt the hectic situation when we prepared this festival. but with all that being said we feel proud and satisfied because the event was totally crowded and fantastic. 

 At 6 in the morning, the committee already arrived at lapangan bali to held briefing and pray for the success of the event. Then, me and my groups start to make tunnel and add the last touch to the place. In the noon, they who followed the parade come back to school. They wear traditional clothing and make up for attending the competition. I don't know which class …

LETS GO TO JUNGELAND (advertistmen)

Hi, my name is Nafisa. today, me and my friend a.k.a Nifela Sakina want to share an holiday idea for those who don't have any place to go for vacation.

so the place is.... (drum rolls) JUNGLELAND
Jungleland is an amusement park which located in Sentul Bogor, West Java. it only took few hours to go there from Bandung. Why do we choose Jungleland, well the first reason is because the ticket is pretty affordable for students. One ticket cost 200 thousand rupiah. Doesn't take to much isn't it ? The other reasons is because its not too far from Bandung so you don't have to stay the night. the third reasons is because there are many rides to enjoy in there.

My favorite rides are Zeeforce and ferriswheel. Zeeforce Its a kind of machine with mini plane attached to it and the plane will move up down right and left. It's very challenging to try without screaming 'mamaaaa..' lol I'm just kidding. And you must already know what ferriswheel is, I like t because I ca…

Holiday Plans

Nafisa  : Hey Meistra! I'm starving
Meistra : Me too. Let's go to the canteen!
Nafisa  : Ok


Meistra : By the way do you have plans to do on holiday??
Nafisa  : I'm not sure, but my friend invite me to sleep over in her           villa
Meistra : Where is it?
Nafisa  : In Belitung
Meistra : Wow! nice plan you got there
Nafisa  : Yea, but I haven't ask my parents
Meistra : Why? are they fierce
Nafisa  : Hahaha. kind of . Umm how about you? 
Meistra : What about me?
Nafisa  : What's your plan on holiday?
Meistra : I don't know yet. but I think I will go to my cousins               house in Jakarta with my parents.
Nafisa  : What will you do there?
Maistra : I'm going to the mall with them.


Nafisa  : Oh my god we have to hurry
Meistra : Yea lets run.

Online Angel

This coincidental tragedy happened when I was in third grade of junior high. I signed into a boarding private school in Karawang, and they held a test to select which of us to enter and learned in this school. Since my mother and father couldn't accompany me, I went there with my friend andina and her parents. We stayed in a hotel room for the night because the test is in the next day morning. 
Unfortunately, all of us woke up late. we were in hurry we passed breakfast. Double unfortunately our test held in different places but in the same time so andina parents cant drove me. I told them not to worry because I can order online transportation, so they leave first. 
Triple unfortunate came in waves. when I order "gojek", there were no driver who took my order. I waited and waited for minutes and still no one took my order. I tried to take public transport, but I couldn't understand what they said because they were speaking in local language. I tried to opened maps and s…

meeting stranger

at a coffee shop named STARBAX,

Allyda : Excuse me,
Nafisa  : Yes?
Allyda   : May I sit here?
Nafisa   : hmm. sure
Allyda   : Thanks

(allyda sit down next to Nafisa)

nafisa  : are you waiting for someone ?
Allyda  : Yes, im waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up
Nafisa  :  Aww, that's sweet of him
Allyda  : Yes he is
nafisa   : By the way, we haven't introduce our self properly
Allyda  : Haha, yes
Nafisa   : I,m nafisa, nice to meet you
Allyda  : I'm Alley, nice to meet you too
Nafisa   : Are you in high school now?
Allyda  : Yupp. im a junior now
Nafisa  : Wow me too. such a coincidence
Allyda  : Which school do you go to?
Nafisa   : In SMAN 3 Bandung
Allyda  : Oh my God. me too ! we are in the same school
Nafisa   : Really? why haven't I ever saw you
Allyda  : My class is in the top floor, maybe that's why
Nafisa   : By the way, our school is going to held an event this weekend, are you participating
Allyda  : You mean Inori
Nafisa   : Yes
allyda    : Of course I am participating. I lo…

All About Me

Bonjour everyone! before I tell you all about me, lemme tell you my name. Im Nafisa Tahar Vinaya. I was born in Bandung, 24th july 2002, the third child of Mr. Destyawan and Mrs. Dian. since I was a little girl, I always love to sing, I used to sing along when my dad played Queen, Pink Floyd, Nirvana etc, he always have a thing for rock music. A few times my family told me that I dont have it in me to sing good, it hurt a little so I never sing in public. Nevertheless , I still loves music, so I learned to play piano when Im in elementary school. besides music stuff I also love to watch movies and read books. They often make me feel to live in diffrent persons life and made me who I am now.

Enough with hobbies and stuff, now lets move to my childhood live. When I was a kid, I dont have much friend in the neighborhood. fortunately for me I have siblings, so we always hangout together. theres a few towers stick to the rooftop in my house back then. we used to climb it up and lay in the …